I've purchased an individual set. How do I download it?

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  1. If this is your first order with us, you will receive an email containing a login link to create a password.   Otherwise, log into the website using the username (usually your email address) and password you created at time of your original order.  Click here if you have forgotten your password.
  2. Once you are logged in, click on My Account and then the Files tab in your account screen.
  3. A list of the purchased files available for download will be displayed.  The images are contained within a compressed .zip file.
  4. Click on the link and Save the file to your computer.  Make note of the directory to which the file is saved, or select a different directory before saving.
  5. Open the file after it has been successfully downloaded.
  6. The file should automatically be opened through a decompression program (such as WinZip), and all the images within the file will be listed.  The coordinated design sets are downloadable in .zip format which compresses all 4 images into a single file. Once you download the file, you will need to uncompress the images and extract them to a directory on your harddrive. 99% of all computers have compression programs that allow you to uncompress .zip files, as they are now a standard.  If you need a decompression utility program in order to unzip the file,  you can download the free program PeaZip or a trial version of WinZip can be downloaded via CNET.  If yours doesn't try to unzip the file when you double click on it, your file associations may not have .zip files associated with the program.
  7. Select "Extract" and save the individual files to a directory on your computer.
  8. You can now open your preferred program to begin modifying the individual .jpg images.