Frequently Asked Questions - Troubleshooting Information

All candy wrapper designs in the collection are in RGB .jpg 300 dpi. Most monitors display images at 72 dpi, so when accomodating the extra pixels per inch monitors will display 300 dpi images at 3X their printed size. The wrappers and invitations will print to the exact measurements needed. If they are printing too large, you will need to check your printer settings. Ensure that "Fit to page" is not selected. And verify that any settings for scaling images is set to 100%.

This is a computer-based file association error. Your computer is associating .zip files with Word (or other software) rather than an unzipping program. The files are saved on your harddrive, but they won't load in the correct program for unzipping. You will need to change the file association back to the appropriate program. You can do this by following the steps in this link:

Files are delivered in compressed .zip format. You will need to extract the .jpg images from the compressed .zip file before attempting to load them in your preferred software.  Most computers already have decompression software installed.  But if your's doesn't, you can use a free program such as PeaZip

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