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A collection of articles the provide guidance for customizing our free downloadable printable images, a few fun projects, and additional tips for making any event special

Candy Wrapper Wrapping Options

Hershey’s modified their 1.55 ounce chocolate bar wrapper as a security measure to reduce the risk of tampering. We have provided three suggestions… more

Creating Birth Announcements

Some samples of what you can create: Tips: Announcements should be printed on cardstock (#65 or #80 weight) (solid, parchment or linen finish)… more

Sayings And Quotes To Add To Candy Wrappers

Front Table Placesetting Invitation Information Photo (for milestone birthdays, anniversaries and graduations use “then” and “now” photos)…. more

How To Create Additional Wrapper Layouts

There are four basic layouts available for each of our free printable designs. Each design includes a coordinating candy wrapper template, an… more

Adding Text to Candy Wrappers Using Pixlr


Software And Online Programs For Adding Text

Because our digital images are in .jpg format, any commercial or free graphics program or text program capable of inserting images can be used to… more