50 Non-Traditional Gift Ideas For Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a great way to give a custom, personalized gift that normally can’t be wrapped up in a box. These non-traditional gifts can be used to give experiences, IOUs, or memories instead of physical gifts. They can also be handy for giftng online redemption codes such as Redbox movies, music downloads

Custom gift certificates are also a great idea if you’re in a pinch and need a last-minute gift. Especially because you can customize and print one out in a matter of minutes. The trick to avoid the gift being perceived as a last-minute gift is to put a little extra detail into the description. Don’t just write “One Dinner Out”; make it specific so that the recipient knows you put some thought into it, such as “Dinner at Zino’s this Saturday 8pm. Be Ready!”.

Don’t forget to check out all the free printable gift certificate templates available on our site.  We also have a printable envelope.

If you have some additional ideas, please be sure to post them in the Comments section below.

Surprise Gifts

A vacation
A visit to the local shelter to pick out a new puppy
A day at an amusement park
One week of meal preparation by Elite Chefs
Six weeks of dance lessons
Trip to a sporting event
To pick out your (fill in the blank) Good when the recipient has been wanting something specific.


A night of bowling
One night of free babysitting
Favorite concert
Girls Spa Day
Movie Night
Designated Driver
Replacement of something of their’s that you broke or lost
Weekly lunch for a month (really good gift for your parents or grandparent)
Your Frequent Flyer miles
An hour of your professional services (if you’re a chef, carpenter, artist, designer, etc)
Online redemption codes (Redbox, online learning course, Google Play, etc)

Significant Other (General)

Total control of the TV remote
A day of video game playing (complaint-free)
A night out with your friends (complaint-free)
20 minute massage next time you ask
Get out of jail free (for small offenses only)
You win “One” argument automatically


Dinner with us at Silvers (our treat)
One day of help with Thank You cards
Donation to their favorite charity

Significant Other (Romantic)

Breakfast in bed
One long kiss at random
Dinner at a restaurant of your choice
Dinner in pajamas
Couple’s Manicure
Weekend Getaway
Living Room Picnic

Signficant Other (With Young Kids)

Extra hours in bed
Change all diapers for a week
Two hours of “You” time this weekend

Chores As Gifts

One week of lawn care
Walk the dog Clean the litterbox
I’ll do your laundry for a week
Take out trash for the week


Get out of jail free (for small offenses only)
No chores for a week
A sleepover with three friends
A day at the zoo
One week of horseriding lessons
A shopping trip
Stay up past bedtime
Game night

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