Adding Text To Candy Wrapper Images Using Paint Shop Pro

Remember…always make backup copies of your files. This tutorial assumes that you have basic experience using PSP. To view additional tutorials for texts effects, etc visit
This tutorial provides examples on using PSP for applying simple text to candy wrapper templates.
Step 1.First, you will want to open the wrapper inside Paint Shop Pro Remember to use the File > Save As feature after you’ve completed creating your new wrapper design to avoid saving your changes to the original file.
Step 2.Next, Select the outline/foreground color for your font. You can pick the color by looking on the right side of the PSP screen where the color chart is. But before you select any colors, click the box next to the word “lock” so that your color choices will be saved when you move to the text tool. Click on the first large solid color box underneath “Styles”.
Step 3.A “Color” dialog box will open. Click on your preferred color.
Step 4. Do the same thing for the second color box under “styles” to select your fill color.
Step 5.Next, find the text icon on your toolbar. It is the icon with a capital “A”. Click on it, then click on somewhere in the text area of your wrapper. A font dialog box should open up.
Step 6. Inside the font dialog box, select your font name, select your font size (48 is usually good to start), and under the “Create As” section, click on “Floating”.
Step 7. Then just enter your text and hit “Ok”. Now you can position your text anywhere you want by clicking on it and dragging it around.
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