Creating Matchbook Mintbook Favors

After customizing the cover, you simply staple an individually wrapped hard candy into position and you have a truly unique favor perfect for any event.
Our matchbook mint designs can be customized using a graphics program such as Paint Shop Pro or a text editor such as Microsoft Word. Members can use our matchbook tool to customize and print their designs online.
Our designs come with pre-defined fold guides and staple mark to guide you in assembling your matchbook treats.

The matchbooks come with an extra-wide saddle (top portion of matchbook) so that the matchbook will accomodate a variety of wrapped candies. Suggested candies include individually wrapped LifeSavers and CremeSavers. But any candy less than 1/2 inch deep should work.

If you will be assembling a large number of matchbook favors, it is best to score your fold line before cutting out the individual matchbooks. Do this by laying a ruler along each fold line that spans all the matchbook covers on the page; (using light pressure) run the blunt end of a knitting needle (or other thin tool) down the ruler. When you cut out the individual matchbooks, the fold lines will crease easily. Another trick to simplifying the assembly process is to invest in an inexpensive personal paper cutter (around $12). This will provide you with clean, crisp cut edges and reduce assembly time by one third.

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