Free DIY Redneck Solo Wine Glasses Instructions With Printable Labels And Insert


Make your own redneck wine glasses.  A printable redneck wine glass tag and redneck dictionary insert is available for download to give your project a fun, professional finished look.  These make great hostess gifts and party favors.


Items you will need per wine glass:

  1. Red plastic Solo drink cups
  2. Glass candlestick holder (available at Dollar Tree for...that's right...$1)
  3. E6000 adhesive (no substitutions or your wine glass will come apart the second the recipient washes it). 
  4. Natural twine
  5. Printed labels and inserts (available for download at the bottom of this page).
  6. Rubbing alcohol


The Wine Glasses Instructions (Picture guide is below)

  1. Take your Solo cups and place them face down on a level surface.  It's a good idea to lay down some craft paper first to protect the surface.
  2. Stand your glass candlesticks in front of each cup.
  3. Lightly wipe the top of each candlestick and the indent on the bottom of the plastic cup with rubbing alcohol.  This removes any residue that might exist from the manufacturing process.
  4. Place a small bead of E6000 around the entire top of the candlestick.  Avoid letting the adhesive get too close to the outside edge of the top.
  5. Place a small bead of E6000 around the inside edge of the indent at the bottom of the plastic cup.
  6. Let the glue sit for a minute or two to improve tackiness.
  7. Take your glass candlestick, hold it upside down and gently insert it directly into the indent at the bottom of the plastic cup.  Lightly push the candlestick down to get it firmly seated within the indent so that no air bubbles are visible, but be careful not to press so hard that the adhesive seeps out.  If you have any visible pockets of air, you can lightly twist the candlestick to help evenly distribute the adhesive between the cup and candlestick.
  8. Leave the cups face down and allow the adhesive to dry for 24 hours.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Once the adhesive on your wine glasses has thoroughly dried, stand your wine glasses upright.
  2. Print out and cut the labels and cup inserts.
  3. Using a hole punch, place a small hole near the top of each label.
  4. Cut a piece of twine to 28 inches in length and feed it through the hole in the label. Tie the string once to secure the label center on the twine.
  5. Wrap the twine around the stem of the candlestick 3 times then knot the twine.
  6. Tie a small bow using the remaining twine.
  7. Place the insert inside of the cup
  8. You're Done!

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