Funny Prank Hanging Gift Card Holder - Scissors

Funny Prank Hanging Gift Card Holder - Scissors

Gift cards are a popular gift but It's hard to make giving gift cards a surprise.  What better way to change things up than to disguise a regular gift card inside a prank fake retail hanging gift card holder.   Looks just like the ones in the store.


Need a funny way to disguise a standard gift card ? Disguise it inside of a funny prank card holder that the recipient thinks is for a scissor store.   Our free printable fake gift card holders make gift card giving more fun.



Supplies needed:

  1. Heavy weight paper (80lb); either glossy cardstock or gloss cover paper 
  2. Glue stick or double-sided tape 
  3. Scissors (or paper cutter) 
  4. Kraft knife and hole punch. 


  1. Print the image and then fold entire page in half along the score line at the center. 
  2. Using a craft knife, score and cut the slots that hold the credit card. 
  3. Insert the credit card into the slot holders. 
  4. Using a glue stick or double-sided tape, seal the sides and top 1" inch of the card closed. 
  5. Trim off the excess paper from the sides and top of the card holder using scissors or a paper cutter. 
  6. (optional) Using a craft knife, score and cut the hang tab slot at the top of the card holder. If necessary, use a hole punch for the three rounded sections.

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