Printing Tips


Perform a test print.  Always perform a test print of your completed design.  If an image is printing too large, you will need to restore your printer to default settings so that customized settings that might distort the printed size are disabled.  Verify that "Fit to page" is not enabled and insure scaling is set to 100%.

Printer settings.  Make sure your printer is set to print at the highest quality.  Insure that the media setting matches the type of paper you are using.  These settings are typically found under your printer's "Properties" or "Advanced Settings" tab.  Refer to your printer's manual for additional recommendations.

Does it fit?  Our images are designed to print to the 4 layout sizes specified.  If you are printing wrappers or other favors, perform a preliminary assembly of your favor as products such as candy bars and mints can vary in size.   Testing the fit can save a lot of frustration, especially if you've modified the size to fit another layout.

Use professional printing services if printing in volume.  If you will be printing a large number of images, you can save money on the cost of ink and paper by using the services of a print or copy service.  Always have a test copy printed prior to proceeding with the final print to confirm that the size, quality and final fit meets your requirements.

Paper quality matters.  Select a high quality coated paper intended for printing photos or graphics.  We recommend a 24-28lb matte or gloss photo paper for wrappers and 54-88lb paper for invitations, mintbooks, menu cards, placecards, etc.  Click here for the recommended paper weight for several additional layout options.

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