Software And Online Programs For Adding Text


Because our digital images are in .jpg format, any commercial or free graphics program or text program capable of inserting images can be used to personalize the images.  Our personal favorites are Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, and the free online editor Pixlr.  Our customers have also used Microsoft Word, Windows Paint as well as custom candy wrapper software to personalize the digital images.


Online Editors (our favorite online editor: requires flash)

30+ tutorials

Raspberry Swirls Tutorials

12+ tutorials from d3eusebio


Downloadable Free Software


Text Editors

Adding Text To Candy Wrapper Images Using Word


We provide information regarding third-party software and browser configurations as a courtesy to our customers. Please be aware that we do not provide training or support for the use of third party software.  Questions regarding the use of third party software should be directed to the software vendor.

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