Are there any copyright or usage limitations of your images?

We strongly recommend reviewing our Conditions of Use prior to downloading an image or contacting us with any questions. By downloading any images from our site, you acknowledge acceptance of our Conditions of Use.


Beginning in April 2016, we discountinued selling images for business use.  All downloaded images are now offered for free and contain our copyright on the images.  These images are free to use for non-commercial personal use only.


  1. You may use an image downloaded from our website for non-commercial personal use only.
  2. You may modify the image by adding text to personal the image but you may not remove the copyright, the words "" from the image.
  3. You may not redistribute our images or make them available for download elsewhere.
  4. You may not sell or give away our images.


If you purchased an image set from us prior to February 2016, and your images do not have our copyright embedded in the image, your non-exclusive license is still in effect and you can continue to offer a printed product to your customers.


  1. The images can only be used to create a customized printed product for your customer
  2. The images can not be used to create Do-It-Yourself kits, either for download on your site or as pre-printed kits in craft stores/shows.
  3. The images can not be modified for resale to other businesses. The non-exclusive license allows you to use the images for your business to create a personalized and printed product for your clients.
  4. You can have an affiliate program where affiliates refer sales directly to your site. You can not offer franchises or distributorships using our designs. This includes any program in which you charge partners a fee or a percentage, allowing them to offer our designs to their customers. All sales must originate from your site and you must do the customization and printing.
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