I purchased images prior to 2016; Can I still use these designs in my candy bar wrapper/gifts/invitation business?

You may only use designs that you purchased from us prior to February 2016, and only for business use if your business produces a finished/printed product for your own customer.  If you purchased images from us, you were granted a non-exclusive license.


Images that were sold for business use prior to February 2016 do not contain our copyright on the image.  If the image has our copyright embedded on it, it may only be used for personal, non-commercial uses.


If you purchased an image from us prior to February 2016, you received a non-exclusive license to create a printed product for your customers.  However, you may not make available for download, distribute, or resell any images in the collection for use by others (As per our Conditions of Use). You can use the images to create coordinating layouts which you offer to your customers as a finished/printed product. You may not use our designs to create images which you resell to your customers or other professionals. Here is a summary of our usage conditions, but we strongly recommend reviewing our Conditions of Use prior to purchase. By downloading any images from our site, you acknowledge acceptance of our Conditions of Use :

  • A non-exclusive license is granted to customers for the purpose of utilizing the designs in our collection to produce a finished/printed product for the licensee's clients.
  • This non-exclusive license becomes null and void if you violate any of the Conditions of Use.
  • A non-exclusive license means that all customers have access to the same images, and although you are granted use of the images Raspberry Swirls retains all copyright to the images.
  • You may provide image samples available on your site. These images should be in 72dpi format. You may not directly link to images on this site.
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