What is the length or term of the non-exclusive license for business purposes for images purchased prior to February 2016?

The non-exclusive license is granted for each image file you purchase directly from us prior to February 2016 and will remain in effect as long as you continue to comply with our Conditions of Use. You can not transfer, sell, or convey your rights to use the images. For example, if you sell your business you may not include our images in the purchase. The new owner would be responsible for acquiring their own license via purchase from us.

The non-exclusive license automatically becomes null and void the moment you violate our Conditions of Use. At that point, your license is rescinded and you may no longer legally use our images in any format or for any purposes. Continued use of the images without a license is a copyright infringement and we will take the necessary steps to protect our copyright. This includes filing a DMCA with your hosting service, Google, eBay, or any other service providers which may be displaying or providing access to the copyrighted materials, if you continue to use our images following termination of the non-exclusive license.

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