Frequently Asked Questions

Customizing Information

Because our digital images are in .jpg format, any graphics program or text program capable of inserting images can be used to personalize the images.  Our personal favorites are Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, and the free online editor Pixlr.  Our customers have also used Microsoft Word, Windows Paint as well as custom candy wrapper software to personalize the digital images.


Online Editors


Downloadable Free Software


We have provided information regarding third-party software and browser configurations as a courtesy to our members. Please be aware that we do not provide support for problems not directly related to the use and functionality of our website and order fulfillment. If you are experiencing problems with the configuration of your browser, third-party software, or other client-side issues or need assistance regarding the use of graphics software installed on your computer, you should contact the software manufacturer or visit The Tech Guy Forums for general technical support. Issues regarding the functionality of this website should be submitted via our contact form.

All individual candy wrapper image designs in the collection are in RGB .jpg 300 dpi format unless otherwise stated.  Images are available in .zip format for download after successful completion of checkout.

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How To...

When you click on a download link, the downloadable file will become available after you connect to the site using either Facebook or Google.

This step ensures that downloads are valid; this also minimizes potential abuse, and prevents bots from scraping images from the site.

If you are experiencing issues gaining access to download a file or image, please send us a private message on Facebook.

Troubleshooting Information

All candy wrapper designs in the collection are in RGB .jpg 300 dpi. Most monitors display images at 72 dpi, so when accomodating the extra pixels per inch monitors will display 300 dpi images at 3X their printed size. The wrappers and invitations will print to the exact measurements needed. If they are printing too large, you will need to check your printer settings. Ensure that "Fit to page" is not selected. And verify that any settings for scaling images is set to 100%.

This is a computer-based file association error. Your computer is associating .zip files with Word (or other software) rather than an unzipping program. The files are saved on your harddrive, but they won't load in the correct program for unzipping. You will need to change the file association back to the appropriate program. You can do this by following the steps in this link:

Files are delivered in compressed .zip format. You will need to extract the .jpg images from the compressed .zip file before attempting to load them in your preferred software.  Most computers already have decompression software installed.  But if your's doesn't, you can use a free program such as PeaZip

Image Usage Information

You can request an additional download for a specific file after the download period by using our contact form and including your order number up to 30 days from original purchase date. If more than 30 days have transpired since your original purchase date, you will need to reorder your selected file.

As long as you are using our images for personal use, you can modify the images to accomodate varying layouts. The four core layouts provided within each design set are readily adapted to fit within other products. Rather than attempt to create an extensive line of layouts, we have chosen not to expand our existing templates and allow our visitors to create additional layouts based on our designs to suit their individual needs. Our "How To" guide provides suggestions for creating alternate layouts.  

We strongly recommend reviewing our Conditions of Use prior to downloading an image or contacting us with any questions. By downloading any images from our site, you acknowledge acceptance of our Conditions of Use.


Beginning in April 2016, we discountinued selling images for business use.  All downloaded images are now offered for free and contain our copyright on the images.  These images are free to use for non-commercial personal use only.


  1. You may use an image downloaded from our website for non-commercial personal use only.
  2. You may modify the image by adding text to personal the image but you may not remove the copyright, the words "" from the image.
  3. You may not redistribute our images or make them available for download elsewhere.
  4. You may not sell or give away our images.


If you purchased an image set from us prior to February 2016, and your images do not have our copyright embedded in the image, your non-exclusive license is still in effect and you can continue to offer a printed product to your customers.


  1. The images can only be used to create a customized printed product for your customer
  2. The images can not be used to create Do-It-Yourself kits, either for download on your site or as pre-printed kits in craft stores/shows.
  3. The images can not be modified for resale to other businesses. The non-exclusive license allows you to use the images for your business to create a personalized and printed product for your clients.
  4. You can have an affiliate program where affiliates refer sales directly to your site. You can not offer franchises or distributorships using our designs. This includes any program in which you charge partners a fee or a percentage, allowing them to offer our designs to their customers. All sales must originate from your site and you must do the customization and printing.

You may only use designs that you purchased from us prior to February 2016, and only for business use if your business produces a finished/printed product for your own customer.  If you purchased images from us, you were granted a non-exclusive license.


Images that were sold for business use prior to February 2016 do not contain our copyright on the image.  If the image has our copyright embedded on it, it may only be used for personal, non-commercial uses.


If you purchased an image from us prior to February 2016, you received a non-exclusive license to create a printed product for your customers.  However, you may not make available for download, distribute, or resell any images in the collection for use by others (As per our Conditions of Use). You can use the images to create coordinating layouts which you offer to your customers as a finished/printed product. You may not use our designs to create images which you resell to your customers or other professionals. Here is a summary of our usage conditions, but we strongly recommend reviewing our Conditions of Use prior to purchase. By downloading any images from our site, you acknowledge acceptance of our Conditions of Use :

  • A non-exclusive license is granted to customers for the purpose of utilizing the designs in our collection to produce a finished/printed product for the licensee's clients.
  • This non-exclusive license becomes null and void if you violate any of the Conditions of Use.
  • A non-exclusive license means that all customers have access to the same images, and although you are granted use of the images Raspberry Swirls retains all copyright to the images.
  • You may provide image samples available on your site. These images should be in 72dpi format. You may not directly link to images on this site.
  • The non-exclusive license is granted for each image file you purchase directly from us prior to February 2016 and will remain in effect as long as you continue to comply with our Conditions of Use. You can not transfer, sell, or convey your rights to use the images. For example, if you sell your business you may not include our images in the purchase. The new owner would be responsible for acquiring their own license via purchase from us.

    The non-exclusive license automatically becomes null and void the moment you violate our Conditions of Use. At that point, your license is rescinded and you may no longer legally use our images in any format or for any purposes. Continued use of the images without a license is a copyright infringement and we will take the necessary steps to protect our copyright. This includes filing a DMCA with your hosting service, Google, eBay, or any other service providers which may be displaying or providing access to the copyrighted materials, if you continue to use our images following termination of the non-exclusive license.

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