Candy Wrapper Wrapping Options

Hershey's has modified their 1.55 ounce chocolate bar wrapper as a security measure to reduce the risk of tampering. We have provided three suggestions for wrapping the newer chocolate bars with candy bar wrappers. Which method you select is a matter of personal preference. Never remove the original wrapper or apply adhesive over the nutritional data label. Double-sided tape or professional glue sticks work best for adhering the new wrapper.

Members that customize their wrapper online through our site have the option to add a border color to create a full wrap, or leave the width unmodified to create a standard or traditional wrap.

Standard Wrap
The "Standard Wrap" uses the original-sized wrapper to cover the printed portion of the Hershey's wrapping, allowing the sealed edges to show from the sides. You can modify this method by folding under and taping the sealed edges before wrapping. This is the least time-consuming method, but still provides a very nice result.
Full Wrap
The "Full Wrap" extends your printed wrapper entirely over the sealed edges of the Hershey's wrapping. One nice benefit of using this method is that decorative edging can be added using decorative edge scissors. You can do this by adding a border to the right and left side of the wrapper. If you are using a 100 dpi (dots per inch) wrapper, you would add a border of 75 to the right and left of the wrapper. Leaving the border white creates a "crisper" finish, but you can extend the wrapper pattern or use a solid color for this border. The trick to applying the wrapper is to position the front of the wrapper over the chocolate bar, then fold the top over and tape into place. Then the sides and bottom can be quickly glued and smoothed into position.
Traditional Wrap
The "Traditional Wrap" is the method used to create the foiled-edge look. This is created by first encasing the entire Hershey's wrapping in foil (after folding under and taping the sealed edges). Then the printed wrapper is added. If you will only be wrapping a few chocolate bars, you can use lightweight aluminum foil. Otherwise you should use lightweight Confectioner's or Confectionery Foil (5-1/2"X7-1/4") which are sold in 125 sheets for $3.60. This is the most labor-intensive method.

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