Birthday Favor Ideas

Use the designs to create unique themed-birthday celebrations that are truly personalized. Tips are included for setting up a themed decor as well as incorporating matching activities for your birthday event.

Youth Birthday
Use the invitation designs to send out your standard party invitations. There are several options for creating fun favors that you can incorporate into the party or send home as goodie bag favors:


  • Matchbook Mint Favors
  • Mini Wrapper Favors
  • Lollipop Tag Cards
  • Candy Bar Wrapper Favors
  • Activities

  • Charades: Have each child select one or two mini wrappers. Print pictures of animals or popular cartoon characters on the inside of the wrapper for pre-schoolers, or standard charades tasks for school-age children.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Each child must use the clues printed inside their wrapper to locate their goodie bag.
  • Truth Or Dare: Perfect for the pre-teen and teen group. Each wrapper should have a truth and optional dare printed inside (For example: “Most embarrassing moment at school?” or “Dance the macarena”, “Who do you have a crush on?” or “Sing the Barney Song”, etc).
  • The Name Game (best for pre-teens and teens): Use placecard-sized designs and print a random name on each. You will also need tape or safety pins to affix the tags to the children’s shirts and a holepunch for keeping score. Upon arriving, each child selects and wears a name tag from a bag. Everyone must address them by their new name throughout the party. Each time a child uses the wrong name to address another child, their name tag receives one holepunch. The child with the least number of holepunches at the end of the party receives a prize.
  • Adult Birthday
    If you are planning a formal celebration, create custom wine bottle labels, vellum votive wrappers, seating placecards and matchbook mints for your party guests. For an informal gathering, custom wine bottle labels are ideal. You can incorporate many of the activities suggested in the youth birthday ideas by putting an adult spin on what is printed inside the wrappers or matchbooks.

    To make your invitations shine, print out blank invitation designs then print the text onto vellum sheets. Center the printed vellum sheet over the blank invitation and adhere at the top with a light glue stick application. Embellish with a small ribbon or tiny silk rose.


  • Matchbook Mint Favors
  • Mini Wrapper Favors
  • Vellum Candle/Votive Wrapper Favors
  • Candy Bar Wrapper Favors

    Seating Placecards

  • Candy Wrapper Placecard
  • Placecard Lollipop Tags
  • Standard Placecard

    Table Decor

  • Table Number
  • Menu Cards
  • Wine Bottle Labels
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