Pop Up Christmas Tree Template

Making Pop Ups Easier

These free printable Pop Up templates are designed to simplify creating a pop up card.  Pop Up templates are ready to print out and feature beautiful graphics to make your Pop Up truly “pop”.  Instructions are available for each Pop Up and the templates are color-coded to designate where to cut and where to fold.

All our Pop Up template inserts a designed to fit inside a standard 5×7 greeting card or plain card stock.


Recycle Old Greeting Cards

Not only are pop up cards fun for the recipient to open, using a pop up insert is also a nice way to recycle greeting cards.  The pop up insert can be affixed over the original content inside the card.   If any text is still visible, you can place a contrasting piece of paper on the card before adding you pop up insert.



  1. Card stock paper
  2. Glue stick or double-sided tape
  3. X-ACTO knife or craft knife
  4. Tool for scoring fold lines
  5. Scissors (optional)


  1. Use a self-healing cutting mat or a large piece of cardboard when cutting or scoring the template.  This will protect your working surface and will also provide cleaner cuts and deeper scoring.
  2. After scoring a fold line, fold it over in both directions to get a crisp crease.


Black solid lines = cut

Gray dotted lines = score and fold inward

Gray dashed lines = score and fold outward 

If cut or fold lines are difficult to distinguish or obsured by the template design, refer to the line guide on this page.

  1. After printing out your template, use an X-ACTO knife or craft knife to cut along all the solid black lines
  2. Use your scoring tool to lightly score all the fold lines.  After scoring a fold line, fold it over in both directions to get a crisp crease.
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